This is a company that aimed at providing quality notebooks with positive messages and aspired to imitate the tom’s shoes model. 

The logo represents a green apple, as for life and learning, the letter “C”, as for “notebook” in Spanish, and the number “2”, representing the model of buy one give one. The name of the company also comes as a play of words of “two notebooks” in Spanish wish translates to “dos cuadernos”. The final result, cuados, was aimed at being abstract and short to make it easy to read and remember. The typeface was handmade and friendly as it was aimed at school children. The brand identity itself was well received by suppliers and customers alike.

As a long-term goal we wanted to create a platform through the notebook covers of expressing hope, encouragement, and knowledge of graphic artists, which is why we commissioned designs of different artists for notebook covers where their names and contact information would be promoted, to encourage young artists to participate and express themselves where the only limiting factor would be to produce a positive message.

We invested what little we had into this start-up but unfortunately we were unable to make it work. This was my first crack at creating a brand and exploring the graphics world through the notebook covers and brand deliverables. Safe to say, I got hooked.

This is a short introductory video I made for our company in spanish. Here I explain our concept of buy one, give one notebook, and share a bit of the story behind our brand.

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